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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog For The Baby With Love. I am Silviya and I hope you will find here some useful info, tips, advice or ideas for you and also will enjoy the time spend on my blog!
I love kids and I have always been surrounded by kids in my life. I am a mom of one little girl! When we become parents we always try to give our kids the best we can. We all know, that the very first years are the most important for them. The biggest happiness in life – health and happy kids!

My story short

I have worked with many people in big companies and teams. I learned a lot about people, the different products (clothes, shoes, cosmetics), how to live healthily. I have learned professionally how to work with many different people, how to organize myself, my tasks and my team. I learned how to set goals and follow them. I became even more stubborn and patient. I realized what is important for me, what makes me happy and how I want to live my life.

More than a year ago I became a mother. And this is the happiest period in my life. Even if it’s hard to find time for everything, I do my best and I could say that I am happy!

I created this blog for moms and babies, to share practical advice from my experience, information and opinion. Being a mom is not always easy and fun, but it is an incredible journey! And to be honest, this blog helps me to not lose myself in the messy mom life.

Take a look and if you want to share, comment, suggest or ask something, please do it, it will be a pleasure for me!

All the best and take care of yourself,


Founder of For The Baby With Love

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