Baby first aid kit

baby aid kit

One of the things you must have when preparing for a baby is to have aid kit. It depends on you how big it will be. Anyway, you need to cover some basics. You can build it from scratch, or you could get a prepacked aid kit. Well, this is a great option, but probably will not have all you need, so you will have to top it up with some extras.

When I prepared my first baby aid kit, I tried to cover just the basic things that will need from day one. And was sufficient. I didn’t need more for the first year. But you have to consult your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

And here is what I have in my baby aid kit:


– Digital thermometer

Nasal aspirator

– Saline drops

– Sterile gauze

– Tweezers

– Vitamin Dis essential for immune support, skeletal health and inflammation. It’s very important to get more safe sun exposure, but in certain seasons and climates this is not doable. That’s why you need to give your baby more vitamin D. You will speak with your pediatrician about it. I only could share that I am very satisfied with this Vitamin D, I still give it to my 11 months daughter.

Vitamin CIt’s also a very important vitamin and good for immune support too. I give vitamin C to my kid from time to time, when the weather is very cold or someone around us gets sick.


baby first aid kit - newborn


Arnicait has two different forms – the homeopathic remedy and the herb. I use it myself. Arnica cream can be used for bruises, strains and sprains for your kid.

– Calendula salve this is for skin support and general skin issues. Very helpful too.

– Coconut oilwe using coconut oil for so many things and for the baby too. I use it instead of baby lotion in the first 4 months. After that I tried this baby cocoa butter lotion and still using it. Speaking of oils, also I would recommend cocoa oil or products with cocoa butter in them, because it is very good for the skin.

Camilia and Chamomilla  – these are amazing natural teething remedies.

– Essential oilsyou can use them for many issues. In my opinion, they are great natural gifts and helpful if we know how to use the right. I bought for my baby kit only eucalyptus oil, for now. I use it from time to time.

Schuessler saltsI have all 12 mineral salts because I am using them for myself as well. And for sure I would recommend getting at least cell salt 4 Ferr Phos (in Europe is number 3) for your baby aid kit. It’s iron phosphate. You can give it if the baby has a high temperature, also can use it for the teething period or if the baby has a cold. Anyone can take them. They are safe for babies, children, pregnant and nursing mothers. Just have in mind that in America they are referenced with different numbers than in Europe. So, when you order check the name of the cell salt you looking for. I have used it during the last two months of my pregnancy because I had low hemoglobin (very successful – I had better results in only two weeks). Now I am using it for my baby with no worries.




Keep in mind that natural products are good and help the immune system as well as boosting our body at first symptoms of a cold or illness.
They do not replace medical advice from a doctor in serious conditions and medication if necessary.

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